Monday, May 7, 2007

You Like Me, You Really Like Me!

[I would have titled this post "Oh, I Think They Like Me", but hey, I'm not 15 years old.]

AverageBro has been in existence for little over a month now. After months and months of reading other blogs, and contemplating dipping my toes in the medium, I finally took the plunge, put up the site, and hoped for the best.

This site is, more than anything else, a creative release for me. As I've said before, I'm not doing this for any ulterior motive. I like my day job, so I'm not trying to flip this into a career. I'm not trying to make a name for myself (still remaining anonymous). I'm definitely not cruising for cybergroupies (which, strangely enough, do exist). I'm just a black man looking to share my two cents with the world.

Still, I'm human, and part of any creative endeavor is wondering how people are receiving what you're putting out there. The web, unlike, say, radio, or TV, is a medium in which it's difficult to gauge feedback. Basically, unless you guys leave comments, I have no idea of knowing what you think, or even more, whether you've even been here. Comments aren't really the best gauge of how many people are reading anyhow. After all, I'm a blog-a-holic, I literally monitors dozens on the daily, but I nevar, evar leave comments.

So, it can be lonely up here, you have no idea if anyone's checkin' for you. It was vexing, until I discovered Google Analytics.

GA, is basically a dashboard that allows me to see all types of stuff about who's visiting AvgBro, when, and from where. If you've got a blog, you just plug in some basic info, drop their "tracker" into your HTML template, and voila, you're your own version of Big Brother.

I'm pleased to say that despite any real pub, and without shopping myself to other sites for a blogroll linkup, AvgBro is getting a healthy number of visitors, and repeat visitors each day, reading on average 3-4 posts per trip. The traffic comes mostly from the DC area (again, it's scary how much of this stuff can be tracked), but I've seen hits from out west, down south, even a few from Europe (whatup Stockholm?). I don't really know how this is happening, perhaps it's because I'm blogging on lots of popular topics, and thus turning up on plenty of web searches. Maybe the handful of folks I have referred to the blog are telling a handful of folks, who are telling a handful of folks, who are telling a handful....

Either way, it's good to know somebody's listening. Add me to your RSS feeds, drop more comments, tell a friend to tell a friend. I'll hold up myAvgBro is here, and growing.

Oh, I Think They Like Me.

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