Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Will Whites Vote For Barry?

Lost in all the hoopla of "is Barack Obama Black Enough?", and "what does he think about Imus?", is a question that seemingly nobody is bothering to pose, but which will have the biggest impact of all on his presidential campaign: Will White People Vote For Barry?

The Post had a great article on this yesterday, which shed some light on the issue that maybe I hadn't considered. Obama trails in the early poles, but has made considerable progress in winning over black voters. We also polls relatively well with whites, but they have been known to say one thing and do yet another when they enter the friendly and private combines of the voting booth.

He's trying to become a pioneer (first minority) while running against Hilary Clinton, who's trying to make a little history of her own (first woman).

Only time will tell, but have a look at this article, there's some interesting insights there.

How Big a Stretch? [Washington Post]

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