Tuesday, May 29, 2007

This Is Why I'm Broke...

I should come up with a new Tag called "Frivolous Lawsuits".

Chart-topping rapper Mims has been hit with a $7.5 million civil lawsuit, claiming he reneged on a deal because of his "discriminatory" attitude towards women. [snip]

In the lawsuit, Blair claims she sent a $2,500 down payment to Mims' agents for a performance at Eugene, a nightclub in Manhattan.

According to Blair, the rapper failed to show because of his misogynistic views towards women, which are a "pattern of conduct involving the belittlement and degradation of females as 'b***hes and hoe's."

Anyone suing a one-hit-wonder rapper needs their head examined. The ambulance chaser that filed this suit also needs to be checked out.

Only such a moron would expect Mr. "This Is Why I'm Hot" to have more than a few G's in the bank. (c)Rap music is all about ringtones now, and we all know they don't exactly make you alot of money. Ditto for MIMS crappy album, which probably went triple wood.

Suing this guy for $7.5M is just beyond hilarious, it's delirious. You would be better off suing him for some used Timbs and a turkey sandwich, because that's probably all he has let to his name right about now.

You'd be better off suing Snap(!). Or Queen Penn. Or Das Effex. Or Black Sheep. Or Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz. Or....

Seriously Ms. Blair, get a life, a hobby, and a clue.

Rapper Mims Hit With $7.5 Million Dollar Discrimination Lawsuit [AllHipHop]

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