Friday, May 25, 2007

The Public Emasculation of Isaiah Washington

I don't watch nighttime soaps like Grey's Anatomy, so I know Isaiah Washington mostly for his extra-gully performance in Romeo Must Die, and of course the TV series Soul Food.

Washington reportedly screamed some homophobic epithets a few months back, during a fight with a co-star. Since then, in an effort to save his job, and probably one heckuva weekly paycheck, Washington has been repenting, crying, and apologizing more than Keith Sweat. Again, I don't even watch the show, AverageSis does, but I've heard more about this dude's efforts to clear up his name and spare his career than I have about the show itself.

The whole "I'm Sorry For 2007 Tour" culminates in the PSA below.

Geez. Why don't you just start dancin' for chicken while you're at it?

This is really not too different from seeing Don Imus doing a PSA for the United Negro College Fund. It comes across as little more than a "save my mortgage" ploy. Can a person really change such long harbored thoughts and prejudices in such a short period of time? Maybe, maybe not. But having to do things like this to prove you've changed seems dishonest, and well, just downright disgraceful.

I kinda feel bad for Isaiah. I'm sure his PR folks told him that doing this would help restore his career, but reality is, black men don't exactly get the luxury of rebounding in Hollyweird. Seriously, when's the last you heard a peep from Dave Chappelle? Does the name Page Kennedy ring a bell? Probably not.

The joke's on you Isaiah. Looks like the show is moving forward without you . We all know the show is about that McDreamy dude (or so says AvgSis), and that's why you really are about to stand on the AvgBro UnEmployment Line.

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