Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Nothing to Blog About

As anyone who's had an eye on this site throughout it's two month existence knows, I'm not the most consistent blogger. I blog, like I do most other things in life: in spurts. So, some days you'll get 4-5 posts, followed by 3-4 days of inactivity, then I'll hit you with some new stuff. It's cyclical, but hey, unlike lots of other bloggers, I have a life, and a family, and a Day Job. So, it's not exactly like I've got a boatload of time.

Anyways, I've run into a different problem the past few days: there's nothing worthy of blogging about. Seriously.

  • George Bush, although he's still stupid, hasn't done anything stupid lately.

  • NFL Players have been acting a fool, but that's hardly newsworthy anymore.

  • The NBA didn't bother rigging the biggest lottery since the King James Sweepstakes, sending two very marketable players to the 10:30pm EST timeslot. In the midst of maybe the most boring NBA playoffs in ages, not having a player like Greg Oden in the East is a bad move. Real smart, David Stern, real smart.

  • No new Imuses.

  • TV sucks worse than evar.
With a relative drought in stuff that interests me (Politicks, Sports, TV) what's an AverageBro to do?

If you've got some blogworthy stuff, holla at ya' boy.

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