Monday, May 7, 2007

Lost In The Sauce

So, today alone, there's three stories of folks throwing away some portion of their lives for alcohol related indiscretions. Parasite Hilton is (though I won't believe it till I see it) about to do a 45 day stint for violating probation stemming from a tipsy night of reckless driving. David Hasselhoff (why, exactly is he still newsworthy?) loses visitation rights to his two daughters due to a recurring drankin' problem. Extreme Makeover d-bag Ty Pennington gets arrested on a DUI. In recent weeks, rapper Eve, and actress Vivica Fox have picked up alcohol related citations Clearly, it hasn't been a good 2007 for people who love their booze.

I've never been the heaviest of drinkers myself, except of course, for a few wild years in college. I actually sobered up when I turned 21, which I guess is a little backwards, but hey, better late than never. Of course, like most young and dumb kids, I occasionally slid behind the wheel when I shouldn't have, so I thank God for the grace.

Still, these are (mostly) rich and somewhat famous people. Can't they just bum a ride home?

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