Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Jesse Jackson, Please Just Disappear Already

Yes, I know, this isn't Jesse per se, but someone in his organization came up with the idea, and he should have vetoed it if he disagreed.

Upset over the lack of African-Americans on the Braves roster, members of Jesse Jackson's Rainbow-PUSH Coalition asked for a meeting with team officials. They got one Monday.

Joe Beasley, Southern Regional Director for the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition,said he and Dexter Clinkscale, the director of sports for the organization, met Monday morning for nearly two hours with Braves general manager John Schuerholz, assistant general manager Frank Wren and three other Braves officials. "The team slipped ... down to [no African-Americans]; it wasn?t something that just happened," Beasley said Monday afternoon. "I think it was a lack of diligence on the part of the Braves to recruit African-American players. There's not diminished enthusiasm for African-Americans playing baseball. It's simply the opportunity hasn't presented itself."

Seriously, can't Jesse find a bigger target to shakedown? Is he that far behind on his child support payments that he has to take on an MLB team for not have any black players?

Who really cares about this anyway? Now, if the Lakers didn't have any black players, THAT would be a problem. But the Atlanta Braves? Err, not so much.

Please, Jesse! Get a hobby, and get lost.

Braves meet with Rainbow/PUSH officials

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