Saturday, May 5, 2007

Good Girl Gone Bad

I, like every other 20-30 something male, used to have a grown man crush on Maia Campbell, who played Tiffany on the mid-90's LL Cool J sitcom In The House. Of course, I'm grown now, and married, so those are distant thoughts, but I couldn't help but cringe a bit when I saw the following newsbit the other day.

Maia Campbell, daughter of late author Bebe Moore Campbell. Mount Airy's Kevin Taylor filed a police report Monday accusing Campbell, who co-starred with LL Cool J on the series "In the House," with stealing his Jeep in Germantown.

According to Taylor and his friend Steve Johnson, the pair left Campbell and the car keys alone in the white 1998 Jeep Cherokee registered to Taylor's father, Christ Taylor, as they went into Johnson's home to retrieve musical gear. When they came outside minutes later, Campbell and the car were gone, they said.

Bebe Moore Campbell died of brain cancer in November, one day after her daughter's 30th birthday. Maia Campbell recently had Internet chatrooms buzzing over a video in which she appears to be naked and singing an Ashanti song, in a video clip posted on The site alleges the clip was made in exchange for crack cocaine. Sources say Campbell has been floating around Germantown of late and doesn't seem to be in a good way.
A quick Google lead me to a cleaned up version of the aforementioned clip on Youtube. Let's just say, it ain't pretty. I'm not linking to that, find it on your own, but I will pass along this fine, somewhat related ditty.

Geez, I thought things were bad out here for ole' boy off That's So Raven. Apparently, between Todd Bridges, Gary Coleman, the girl off Family Matters, and now poor Maia, it's REAL hard out here for an ex-black child actor.

Then again, maybe it's just plain hard for ex-child actors, period.

Where are Maia & the car? [Philadelphia Daily News]

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