Friday, May 25, 2007

Comedy or Traaagedy?!? You Decide.

I know this sort of stuff isn't supposed to be funny, especially since I'm an AverageDad, but....

...tell me you didn't chuckle, just a little bit, before you realized it was a flying baby.

I haven't seen any updates on the child's health, but since this video is all over YouTube and millions have seen it, I hope the moron that taped it and put it on the web was smart enough to check with the parents first. Hopefully, like everything on TV (America's Funniest, COPS, Car Chase Shows) this video is only out there because the child is fine.

Still, I've seen in debated in various circles, was this the parent's fault or the breakdancer's? Honestly, I say it's nobody's. The dancer was doing a routine, he couldn't prevent kicking the kid. The mom probably just momentarily took her hands/eyes off the kid, as parents tend to do. The kid was being a kid. Assuming the child is okay, let's just call it even.

On the other hand, this video was just downright disturbing. I'm sure you've seen it by now.

There is clearly a culprit in this case. I just don't happen to know who it is behind the camera, but they need their ass kicked, hard and swiftly.

The boy is clearly feminine, or, as they refer to it in the South, "teep". I'm not here to make any judgement on that. That's his parents business. But putting the kid on display for the world to gawk at is just so wrong on so many levels.

This one takes the cake though...

Clearly a case of too much Pretty Ricky and not enough homework.

YouTube is both the best and wost of what the Internets is all about. I wonder what the longterm effect of all this will be on these kids.

Martin is crying inside.

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