Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Boston Pops Is The New Fresh Fest

Anyone remember back in the 80's, when rap music was just gaining nationwide popularity? At venues all over the country, extra security was being called for to prevent the inevitable "riots" that ensue when people of color congregate in large numbers. Stopping rap concerts became the new cause celebre, although actual violence at these concerts was rare and isolated.

I clearly recall my first rap concert evar. As a middle schooler, my mom took me and my brothers (dropped us off) to see The Fat Boys perform at a small hotel conference room (yes, really). The venue was crazy overpacked, and the Boys didn't decide to show (maybe they got stuck at a really good buffet or something) on time. Of course, 7th graders who have dropped a whole month's allowance to hear "All You Can Eat" are gonna eventually get testy about standing around for nothing. The whole thing was ruined when overzealous cops started pushing and eventually busting heads. Four hours later, a riot DID ensue (mostly due to the unnecessary police presence. these were kids after all), some doors were knocked off the hinges, a few tables were flipped over, and unfortunately a few kids were arrested. It wasn't pretty.

Rap music, of course, was blamed for this melee, as it was for seemingly every other incident that happened during rap concerts, from Budweiser SuperFest to the world famous FreshFest. Even today, when a movie featuring a rapper is released, security is beefed up. As if folks can't go and watch a 50 Cent movie without being inspired to pop a cap.

Fast forward a few decades. The other night, a couple of d-bags decided to start fighting each other during opening night of the Boston Pops. I can't wait to hear Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Co. accusing Ben Folds of inciting a riot, or asking Congress to take a closer look at classical music. Of course, I'm not holding my breath.

I've got good memories of that night in the mid-80's though. Just before 1am, Prince Markie Dee, The Human Beat Box, and Kool Rock Ski took the stage. They only did 3-4 songs, then bounced, presumably to hit up a late night buffet, but this 6th grader's love affair with hip hop was just beginning.

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