Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Wizards Suck

It is just occurring to me, for perhaps the first time evar, that my fandom of the Washington Wizards just might border on unhealthy.

Case in point, Friday night this team blows a game in a manner that you only see in ABC After School Specials. It was just that comical and uncalled for.

You're up three with just 3 seconds to go. The other team inbounds the ball and tosses full court. Michael "The Alien" Ruffin intercepts the ball, but instead of simply dribbling out the clock, this space cadet chooses instead to toss the ball up into the air. That's normally a good move since it typically will end a game. But, this being the Wizards and all, even a simple play like that has the potential for disaster. And the results, a Mo Peterson 3, and overtime loss to a team you need to beat, are indeed disastrous.

So, they fall behind the Heat yet again, only to regain a half game lead today by toasting a depleted Bucks squad by 14 in Brew City. Still, just to prove how unfair life is, they lose Caron Butler to a stress fracture in his hand. Who knows how long he'll be out, but with 10 games left, things look Memphis Bleek.

This team is just too up and down to cheer for without some sort of heart medication. They win games they shouldn't and lose plenty that they should, which all adds up to mediocrity, and unfortunately, is the recipe for a first round bounce, whether they win the division or not.

I'm pretty convinced that I should just keep the TV turned off for this next 3 weeks. It's best for everyone involved.

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