Wednesday, April 11, 2007

This Man Needs A Friend, Take II

It's hard out here for a child actor, as Orlando Brown is undoubtedly finding out in a Houston area jail right about now. The portly That's So Raven co-star was busted with a Snoop-Dogg-esque quantity of the chronic yesterday.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: if you've got any level of fame or money, hire yourself a weed carrier. There are more than enough folks willing to take the fall for you if you've got enough money. Ain't that right, Carmelo?

That's So Raven was a mildly entertaining show for preteens, and I'll admit to watching an episode or 15 with my nephews. While I found Eddie's character a little too fruity for his own good, and thought that the prospect of a 28 year old woman playing a 10th grader was a bit of a stretch, I can't fault the man's hustle. Sadly, this probably means the end of whatever career he was hoping for, since Raven has long been cancelled, and Disney probably wouldn't touch this kid with an Imus-sized pole right about now.

Don't be mad, bruh, UPS is always hirin'. Assuming you can pass that test of course.

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