Sunday, April 1, 2007

Round One Goes To... Hillary

Not that this was a major surprise or anything, but the first round of campaign contributions were just tallied, and Hillary Clinton raked in a record $26M in a mere 3 months. That, my friends, is called pimpin'.

John Edwards pulled in a distant second with $14M, and I'm sure his latest wave of popularity due his his wife's illness didn't hurt matters. Call him an opportunist, call him manipulative, just don't call him broke.

Barrack Obama, being a brother of course, still has Leroy the Taxman counting his duckats. His numbers weren't available at presstime.

This all could mean anything, or nothing, it's more than a year until the first primaries, but just something to keep an eye on either way.

Clinton raises record $26M in 3 months

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