Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Real American Heroes?

Not that it hadn't been widely reported long ago, but yesterday, Jessica Lynch and the brother of Pat Tillman came to Capitol Hill to speak out about falsified accounts of both's experiences in Iraq.

This whole thing strikes me at the personification of a "day late and a dollar short" especially since Tillman was already given a purple heart, and Lynch has long since cashed in on the Oprah/book/Lifetime Movie Of The Week circuit. But the fact that both were testifying in front of Congress does give both stories a level of gravitas that a simple Washington Post expose couldn't.

My opinions on these stories are much like my thoughts on the Duke rape/lacrosse mess. Basically, if rich/famous/all-American white guys (Tillman, an ex-NFL player) and cute-as-a-button bleach blondes (Lynch, whom to her credit has never seemed entirely comfortable with this whole thing) can get worked over by the US Gov't/Military PR Machine, what does that say for ordinary people of color?

Just think, when's the last time you heard about/saw Shoshana Johnson? Do you even know who Shoshana Johnson is?

She ain't even get a TV-One Movie Of The Week....

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