Monday, April 23, 2007

The Next "Movement"?

Since I'm on an official "bash rappers" rant today, lemme get this one off my chest.

Movement - a progressive development of ideas toward a particular conclusion, a series of actions or activities intended or tending toward a particular end.

Nothing related to hip-hop is a "movement". I keep hearing this term tossed around like a set of keys, and it's finally gotten on my nerves up to here. Plus, I've got a blog now, soo...

Hyphy (riding outside cars, poppin' "E" pills) is not a movement. Southern (t)(c)rap music (Jeezy, TI, Lil' Wayne) is not a movement. Dipset (wearing pink, not snitching, acting like a moron), is definitely not a movement.

Movements involve full scale societal changes in the way people think or view things. Women's sufferage was a movement. Voter rights was a movement. DC Statehood is a movement. Civil rights was a movement.

Negroes wearing stunna shades at night is not a movement. It's just bama'.

Medgar Evers lead a movement. Fannie Lou Hamer lead a movement. E-40 is not leading a movement.

A cat who used to cut my hair said his barbershop was a "movement", since he was selling T-shirts with his shop logo on them, and had a street team of kids that he gave free cuts to in exchange for passing out flyers.

A temple taper is not a movement. It's just a freakin' haircut.

I'd like to pass a National Negro Amendment to add the word "movement" to the lexicon of retired slang like "fresh", "def", and the severely overused, but still not quite dead "bling bling". Enough already.

Somewhere in heaven, MLK is crying inside.

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