Sunday, April 1, 2007

NBA League Pass Is That Crack

It's been well established here that TV sucks. This should of course be a good thing, since it should mean I'd read more books, or finish home improvement projects, or blah blah blah. Between King Of the Hill reruns and waiting for The Shield to reuturn, our TV's basically stay on nothing but sports.

Sundays are always bad for teevee, so it's good to have the NBA League Pass. For just $159 (thanks alot David Stern), you basically get to see every game all season long. That's not too bad a deal considering it costs about that much to go to one actual game (thanks alot David Stern).

So I get to watch Kobe chuck up a load of 3's as the Lakers dig in the Kings, instead of well, watching nothing or blogging. Good deal if you ask me.

That Georgetown loss yesterday hurt me. Jeff Green probably just cost himself a few draft slots and a couple million by deciding to not show up for, oh, i don't know, the biggest game of his life! 5 shots? 9 points? Man, you sposed' to be the Big East Playa of the Year. What part of that game is that? If he'd only played to half his potential, and had Roy Hibbert (who probably made himself a few mill) not picked up that ticky tack 4th foul, who knows? As is, it's Florida vs Ohio State in the final. Just great, a game featuring the most annoying (Joakim Noah, who really needs a sedative) and the most overrhyped and overaged (Greg Oden, who damn sure no younger than 34, I would bet my 3rd born on this, damn a birth certificate) players in NCAA. I'll pass.

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