Sunday, April 8, 2007

Door To Door Salesmen Beware!

Just in case you were considering a career in furniture delivery, real estate surveying, pizza, or any other occupation that involves knocking on a door, you might wanna read this story.

Keith Washington, not to be confused with the washed up 80's R&B singer of the same name, has literally been poppin' caps at the mere ringing of his front doorbell. In January, Washington shot two Marlo furniture deliverymen, one of whom died later. And just when you thought it was safe to go back to Domino's, Washington, who is still free, allegedly threatened a real estate appraiser who made the near fatal mistake of knocking on the wrong door. Geez, such an inconvenience.

The most surprising item in this entire story is that Washington is not only a cop, he's also the homeland security director for his home jurisdiction, and has previously been charged with brutality. He's been placed on administrative leave and his weapon has been confiscated, which I'm sure is good news to Jehovah's Witnesses everywhere.

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